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Sen. Orrin Hatch speaks after being honored for his service to the state of Utah at the state Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018.

Here’s a look at the news for March 2, 2018.

Hatch calls Obamacare supporters ‘stupid’

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, spoke out against supporters of the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, according to the Deseret News.

"That was the stupidest, dumbass bill that I've ever seen. Now some of you may have loved it. If you do, you are one of the stupidest, dumbass people I've ever met," Hatch said in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute.

He added, "And there are a lot of them up on Capitol Hill from time to time."

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A Trump highway in Utah?

Utah lawmaker Rep. Mike Noel, R-Kanab introduced a bill at the Utah Legislature on Thursday that would rename a route in southern Utah as "Donald J. Trump Utah National Parks Highway,” according to the Deseret News.

The name would apply to a stretch of road that brings drivers around southern Utah’s national monuments.

Noel hopes the bill will honor the president “as a thank you to the president for shrinking the Grand-Staircase-Escalante National Monument, something he said other presidents wouldn't do over the years,” according to the Deseret News.

Noel called Trump a hero.

"Just for me personally, he’s one of my heroes that he stood up and did this," Noel said. "I know people have a lot of negative things to say about him. Nobody’s perfect. I’m not dwelling on those things. I dwell on the things he’s done for my state and my constituents."

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Founder of Humans of New York speaks at RootTech

Brandon Stanton, the photojournalist and founder of Humans of New York, was the keynote speaker Thursday morning at RootsTech 2018.

Stanton's speech centered on telling people to follow their passion in life.

As he explained, Humans of New York began as a map of pictures from people in New York. Now, the company includes plenty of interviews with unique people.

“Notice that the idea that I risked everything for, the idea I committed myself 100 percent to, looks nothing like the idea that later became successful,” Stanton told RootsTech participants. “If you want to do something big, if you want to make a big change in your life, you cannot wait for the perfect idea because that will never come.”

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Nor’easter set to slam East Coast

The East Coast is preparing for a serious nor’easter, which will likely bring severe winds, rain and flooding across the coast, according to NBC News.

The storm, which will reach from the Carolinas to Portland, Maine, from Friday and into Saturday, will lead to a cyclone effect, which will strengthen as the storm heads into open water.

Wind speeds currently hover at around 40 to 60 mph. They’re expected to last for 36 hours.

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"Take this storm seriously," the National Weather Service's Boston office tweeted Thursday. "This is a LIFE & DEATH situation for those living along the coast."

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