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I write to Sens. Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch: We need gun law reform to make it more difficult for people to obtain guns. There needs to be the same law country-wide and a time frame for people to obtain their gun. They must apply for their weapon, tell why they want the weapon and what they will use it for. They must take a gun safety class, pass a background check and a mental health screening. There must also be a limit on how many guns they are allowed to own.

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We need this reform now. Innocent people are dying from senseless violence. Every step that is taken toward gun control will save lives.

Have you lost someone to gun violence? Have you seen your friend with gunshot wounds to the head hours after he was shot at a shopping mall? I have, and it is something no 17-year-old should ever have to see.

We live in Utah, in the United States of America. We have soldiers deployed trying to instill peace in the Middle East, yet we don't have peace here at home. Who else has to die for something to be done? I hope not your children, siblings, family or friends.

Carly Furlong