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America’s religious right prides itself on its defense of morality. Far-right Republicans stand for the rights of the unborn, the sanctity of the family and the responsibility to serve others. Their efforts are noble, but on two issues they have ceded the moral high ground: climate change and guns.

Climate change is happening and humans are causing it. To say otherwise is to reject the near-unanimous opinion of the scientific community in favor of conspiracy theories and out-of-context data. Many on the far right do exactly this and thereby abandon their stewardship of the Earth.

And when it comes to guns, some on the right passionately defend the right to purchase assault-style weapons that have no purpose other than to cause massive loss of human life.

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The far-right’s positions in these matters are costly. Not only is it unethical to fight commonsense measures to protect the environment and preserve lives, but such misguided crusades are a factor in the weakening of religiosity in America. People who are wavering in their commitment to their church can be tipped to secularism when they see their religious peers advocating for immoral causes.

Last November at BYU, Notre Dame professor David Campbell argued that "there’s this tremendous irony that the religious right was formed to advance the cause of religion in the public sphere, but it has actually contributed to a decline in religious affiliation in American society." I believe that climate change and guns are two issues that are driving this decline.

JD Lloyd

Eagle Mountain