Asma Uddin, a Muslim woman, wrote about her "holy envy" of Mormonism for "its effects on youth" in an article for

One Muslim woman is looking to the practices of Mormonism to help her children stay spiritually grounded.

Asma Uddin, founder and editor-in-chief of, recently wrote about her “holy envy” of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its history of religious persecution and teachings to center children in faith.

“I realize that so much of what I envy about Mormonism is its ability to extract itself from its surroundings and focus inwardly. … In my own experience of faith, particularly as I transmit it to my kids, the Mormon model of centeredness is something I seek to replicate,” she wrote in an article on

In battling to protect her children from spiritual threats as anti-Muslim sentiments continue to rise, she described her admiration for the LDS Church, especially for “its effects on youth.”

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She cited a study conducted by sociologist Kenda Creasy Dean of Princeton Theological Seminary in which Mormonism was found successful in cultivating faithful youths for four reasons: Mormons know their faith, they “translate knowledge into testimony,” they act on what they believe, and they have a vision of life after death.

Uddin discussed the improvement she wishes to see in the way young American Muslims learn and articulate their faith, just two things “the modern experience of Islam can learn from Mormonism.”

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