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It has been very interesting to note that the newspapers and the television news have been bursting with stories about those who want laws to change on guns, from banning all guns to tighter gun laws, but there seems to have been nothing said about banning violent video games involving guns in almost all instances, and violent movies where a weapon is the only way to solve your personal problems.

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Parents should be responsible to teach their children the value of life and the evils that exist in the world today. Perhaps that would help solve the problems that seem to be so prevalent in today's world. It seems that human life has no meaning to most young people today. We were raised with guns in the home but also taught that they are dangerous if wrongly used and should be treated with caution and care. The moral decay of the youth today seems to be because of a lack of understanding of the sanctity of human life. Parents need to be more responsible for the actions of their children in most cases.

Thomas Moore

West Jordan