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As of this moment Marvel and the Avengers rule the world, but DC is hoping to make a dent in their reign with "Justice League." The first full trailer is now online and includes the super-hero mayhem you were expecting.

Utah is a unique state when it comes to comic books.

A new report from recently unveiled every state’s favorite superhero on the heels of the record-breaking “Black Panther” film.

But Utah was unique in that it had two favorite characters from two sides of the comic book aisle.

Both Batman and Captain America topped Utah’s favorite list.’s report used Google Trends and search data to compile its rankings.

“One state, Utah, celebrates both sides of the universe, with Captain America and Batman ranking as residents’ favorite superheroes from either universe. Utahns rejoice every time they spot any Marvel or DC superhero,” the report said.

Other states showed unique favorites, too. For example, New York listed Daredevil as its favorite, while Virginia preferred Luke Cage, and Hawaii liked Aquaman.

A look at the survey results.

Michigan, meanwhile, preferred Wolverine (though it’s possible Michigan fans were searching for the University of Michigan’s football team, who are the Wolverines).

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Black Panther was only listed as a favorite in Maryland, of all places.

The report also identified whether each state preferred Marvel or DC Comics. Most states championed Marvel. Only Utah, North and South Dakota, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Virginia and Washington, D.C., preferred DC characters.

Last year, a report from, where customers can buy and trade electronic items, found that Wonder Woman was Utah’s favorite superhero. Spider-Man won over the entire nation, according to the Deseret News.