Scott G Winterton, Deseret News
Kent Bendixen rides his bike in downtown Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018.

Maybe it’s the Utah Jazz’s winning streak or the warmer than average winter. But Utah was recently named as the ninth happiest state of the country in a new report.

Gallup and Sharecare recently published its rankings for the states with the highest well-being. Utah ranked at the ninth spot, placing just ahead of Montana.

Utah trailed its neighbor to the north, Idaho, which held the eighth spot.

South Dakota topped the list, followed closely by Vermont, Hawaii, Minnesota and North Dakota.

On the other end, West Virginia ranked as the state with the worst well-being, followed by Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma in the bottom five.

Utah ranked among the top five states for having a strong community. Utah also ranked seventh for its financial rankings and ninth for social rankings.

Utah’s ranking remained unchanged from last year.

About 82.5 percent of Utah respondents in the survey said they feel safe. Another 69 percent said their residence is the perfect place for them. Similarly, 73.6 percent said they were proud of their communities, according to 24/7 Wall St.

The rankings, which include more than 2.5 million surveys, figure out how people feel about their daily lives. The report examines how people feel about what they do each day, how they feel about their goals, how strong their relationships are, how they manage their economic life, their thoughts on the community and information about their health.

The report found the country's well-being went down overall in 2017, with its index score dropping to 61.5 from 62.1 last year.

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“Not a single state showed statistically significant improvement compared to the previous year,” according to the report, “which is also unprecedented.”

States in the Northeast, West and Upper Midwest had the highest levels of well-being in the country, according to 24/7 Wall St. Meanwhile, states in the Rust Belt and South reported the lowest levels.

But in a WalletHub report last year, Utah ranked as the second happiest state in the country, trailing only Minnesota. Hawaii, California and Nebraska made it into the top five. That list ranked states on 28 metrics, including depression rate, sports participation and income growth.