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Letter to the editor

Last week I was at the Capitol with a group of people advocating for commonsense gun policies.

We were focused on HB129, which expands and loosens the self-defense laws already on the books in Utah. We encouraged our representative to vote against it. He said, "I don't know yet how I will vote, but I value my NRA rating."

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I was surprised that he admitted out loud the influence the NRA has on him. I don't mention his name here because I am sure this is a common theme among our legislators. I was told by another legislator years ago that the Utah Legislature is very pro guns. The NRA rates our representatives lower if they support any restrictive gun legislation and lower ratings mean less financial support and often a campaign is mounted against them. It is time for transparency regarding our legislators' NRA ratings and the amount of money they accept from the NRA.

Marcy Barlow