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THE BACHELOR - “Episode 2205” - The drama is ramped up when Chelsea receives the first one-on-one date in Ft. Lauderdale. Arie swoops in to take her on a 100-foot luxury yacht, but her checkered past may endanger her getting a rose. Eleven women split into two teams for a day of competitive bowling with the winner going to a private after-party. Tia and Arie travel to the Sawgrass Park Reserve, riding an air boat through the Florida swamps, but then she reveals her daunting past, which might spell the end for this happy couple. The women decide to confront one selfish bachelorette about her behavior at the cocktail party. Everyone is on edge as three more women are sent home in tears. The search for love is about to go international, as Arie and the remaining women travel to one of the most romantic cities in the world: Paris, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, JAN. 29 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert) MARIKH

SALT LAKE CITY — One of Utah’s contestants on “The Bachelor” appeared on Sunday night’s “Women Tell All” episode.

This special Sunday episode centered on the contestants who are no longer on “The Bachelor.” Villains, heroes and even the bachelor himself, Arie Luyendyk Jr., all appeared on the episode for a tell-all event.

The show immediately approached a topic associated with Marikh Mathias, one of the Utah contestants on the show. The other Beehive State contestant, Maquel Cooper, did not appear. The Deseret News reached out to Cooper but has not received a response.

Host Chris Harrison asked Mathias whether or not she felt “glam-shamed” on the show.

As the Deseret News reported in January, Mathias earned some internet attention for a scene in which “The Bachelor” contestants went on a hiking date. Mathias stopped in the middle of the hike to fix her makeup, which instantly drew criticism from other contestants.

Chelsea Roy, who was a frontrunner in the opening episodes of the season, later made fun of Mathias for the moment, which led to the two debating the idea of “glam-shaming.”

Mathias specifically said after that date in January that she felt “glam-shamed.”

“It was a judgment based on what I look like, who I am,” Mathias said in the Sunday night special episode.

“I meant nothing by it. Like, nothing by it,” Roy said in response.

Several of the women began to debate whether or not “glam-shaming” is a thing, which clearly ticked off Mathias, who appeared visibly upset.

Seinne Fleming, however, defended Mathias, saying that she felt the other women’s attacks on Mathias were unwarranted.

Roy apologized. She handed Mathias a makeup compact as a token of her apology, but Mathias left the compact on the floor, unhappy with the apology.

Mathias, who owns a restaurant in the Salt Lake City area, spoke out against the “glam-shaming” moment in an Instagram post after the tell-all special.

“I created the term glam-shaming on the show because that’s the only way I could describe the situation I was put into,” she said.

In the post, Mathias recounted a conversation she had Luyendyk in which Mathias said he could ask her anything. According to her, the conversation didn’t go over well.

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“What you guys didn’t see was me telling Arie that he could ask me anything and him asking me how long it would take me to get ready for a hike,” she wrote. “Out of everything in the world, he asked me about that! That’s when I knew he didn’t have any interest to get to know me on a deeper level based on what someone had said to him about me, and the judgment he made because of it.”

Mathias said the word “glam-shaming” is silly, but it presents a real issue that women shouldn’t feel ashamed for fixing their makeup.

“It’s about not being seen for the person you are because of what someone thinks about you based on how you dress, do your makeup, do (your) hair, whatever it may be,” she wrote.

She added, “Why does it matter if someone fixed their hair on a hike if they make you laugh, support you, love you unconditionally. It doesn’t.”