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Utah’s road system is wonderful. The grid system makes it incredibly easy to navigate and find a destination. That being said, I believe our roads are great as they stand. I don’t understand the constant construction on Utah roads. It’s obvious that Utah winters take a toll. I think our tax dollars could be better spent on other public projects.

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Transportation is a major part of Utahns' lives. If you’ve ever driven from Salt Lake City to Provo during I-15 construction, you know the inconvenience of a 45-minute drive nearly doubling. With this traffic handicap, it becomes worse with rush hour or the inevitable car accident. There’s no question that road construction and improvements make our lives better once completed, but our roads are becoming too babied.

I strongly believe in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” statement. It might be ignorant of me to express my undereducated opinion about our road system because it’s obvious that brilliant minds and engineers contribute to our road construction. However, our tax dollars would be better used for other programs, such as education.

Holden Clarke

South Jordan