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Letter to the editor

I watched the funeral services of Jon Huntsman Sr. held on Feb. 10 on KSL radio and television. The preliminaries were moderated by KSL's Tim Hughes and Doug Wright. I think they accurately summed up the legacy of the late Huntsman as a "lion."

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Huntsman's life had transformed into that of a billionaire, but it also came full-circle as a philanthropist. His efforts toward cancer are well-known. However, I was impressed that Doug Wright indicated that Huntsman would "reach out to common people" to learn about their individual plight. Huntsman once served the president of the United States, he served the president of the LDS Church and most of all, Huntsman served his family with grace and guidance. Although he was a billionaire, he never forgot his poor, humble roots growing up in Idaho. His influence circled the globe. And he will be missed by many people in Utah and around the globe. He gave people hope through his humanity.

James Marples