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CNN Travel offered a glimpse into what a passenger plane from 2016 might look like in a new article published Wednesday.

CNN Travel offered a glimpse into what a passenger plane might look like in 2068 in an article published Wednesday.

"If time travelers from 1968 found themselves in an airport today, there might be plenty of changes that surprise them. But the planes would look reassuringly familiar," according to CNN.

But in another 50 years, the technology operating aircraft will have changed, the article said, as many planes will be powered by electric motors, which will reduce noise levels and operation costs.

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In the next 20 years, the industry is estimated to need three times the pilots flying commercial airliners today, the article said, which will also drive the need for increased automation.

"With enough automation built in, you may really need just a 'safety pilot' to be there, in case something unexpected happens," Bjorn Fehrm, an independent industry aviation expert at Leeham News, told CNN.

CNN expects airlines to redesign the customer experience, adding new designs and window options.

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