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There’s a lot of distaste for congressional leaders right now; both Democrats and Republicans are feeling the heat in D.C. from their constituents back home. 2018 once again started off with the threat of the government shutting down.

Americans from both sides of the aisle are asking the same question: “What are we spending our taxes on?” Although we may have opposite opinions of what we should spend our taxes on domestically, I do believe that an important concern that needs to be addressed is that of our foreign budget.

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Often, we say we are proud to be Americans. Why? Because that means we are leaders, the ones who take the first plunge and set ourselves as an example to the rest of the world. So what are we doing to help the world? A crucial area in which we are falling behind is foreign aid. Less than 1 percent of our budget is set aside to helping those who are in need around the world. It’s been seen throughout history that if we stop to help lift each other up, both are better because of it. The same is true with foreign aid. If we don’t stop to help, who will? I call upon all Utah senators and representatives to support the international affairs budget and bring some desperate unity to a world that needs it now more than ever.

Ryan Pearmain