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Jack Black sings Korean pop songs in a 2016 episode of the Korean game show "Infinite Challenge."

SALT LAKE CITY — Jack Black doesn’t speak Korean, but that didn't stop him from trying to sing like he does.

The actor/musician went on South Korea’s “Infinite Challenge” game show in 2016, revealing a surprising skill: singing along with Korean pop songs he’s never heard before. Sitting in a chair and wearing headphones, Black listened to the pop songs and did his best imitation. Korean contestants then had to name the song.

Needless to say, it's madness.

Black participated in a number of odd “Infinity Challenge” segments, including a marshmallow-eating challenge and another where he had to blow out a candle while wearing a stocking over his face.

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“It got pretty cardiovascular,” Black told Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “There was a lot of sweating.”

“Infinite Challenge” is one of Korea’s most popular TV shows. NBA star Steph Curry has also appeared on “Infinite Challenge.” Black liked it so much, in fact, that he returned to “Infinite Challenge” for another episode last summer.

Enjoy the madness below. (Tip: turn on the closed captioning.)

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