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Letter to the editor

I'm upset about Utah trying to make it more difficult for persons in distressed circumstances to have access to Medicaid, as well as the fact that Utah is seeking to establish lifetime limits. And why are childless adults being targeted?

I've never received Medicaid, but I'm an aging, childless adult. If I were to develop Alzheimer's, I have no children to be caregivers or take charge of my health care. I would be more vulnerable, not less.

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Likewise, Medicare no longer supports rehabilitative services after a stroke or other impairing condition. I've had a stroke. I needed physical therapy to help regain my balance so that I wouldn't fall and hurt myself and so that I could function independently. How is this failure on the part of Medicare possible?

I believe health care is a right. The poor, aged and sick don't need obstacles, exclusionary rules and red tape. They need compassion, a doctor and basic human decency. Aren't we supposed to take care of each other? Utah should be the best at this, not the most heartless and punitive. Please use your influence to protect the helpless and marginalized among us. Be more generous, not less. Strengthen Medicare and Medicaid.

Merilee Murray