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I strongly urge BYU Broadcasting and others to keep our classical music station as it is. Arriving in Utah from western New York, I was delighted to find Classical 89. It's the only radio station I listen to, and it's on all day in my house and in my car. Western New York (near Buffalo) also had a fine classical station, and I supported it for 40 years, as I support Classical 89 now that I live in Utah.

The music strengthens, calms and uplifts me, as it does many other Utahns. The educational features improve me and Utah children. What other station is going to encourage us to support our beloved Utah Symphony, the opera groups and other classical music organizations?

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Utah is known for quality in every part of life. Businesses are attracted to Utah because of educated, refined and prepared workers. They also like the beautiful country, housing opportunities, better choices in music and theater and better education. Let's not remove the excellent quality classical music station and put more talk, fluff and poor-quality music in its place.

Please, BYU Broadcasting, reverse your decision. We need classical music easily available to us on the radio.

Maurine Fronckowiak