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Lawmakers are taking aim at water law reforms.

In Rep. Kim Coleman's, R-West Jordan, "Guiding Principles," she states, "I believe the best ideas and solutions come from people, not parties.” If this is the case, why doesn’t Coleman listen to the voice of the hundreds of thousands of people who seek solitude, inspiration and recreation in the Wasatch range, never mind the unique diversity of plants, wintering elk and the critical watershed?

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If put into effect, her proposed HB255 would prohibit the use of watershed or open space dollars outside of a city’s municipal boundaries. If passed a year ago, this bill would have prevented the protection of Bonanza Flat, a collaborative effort between Park City voters and counties all over the region to secure the health of our shared watershed. If Coleman seeks “transparency, accountability and good data” as her website suggests, she’d do well to review the motivations of those prompting her to sponsor this misguided legislation.

Tiana Birrell

Salt Lake City