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I, like many other Utahn’s, love winter. Whether it’s attentively snowshoeing through a canyon or appreciating the white-capped peaks from my office, the winter snow brings solace, beauty and entertainment. My dog zips through the powder at record speeds, and I breathe in the crisp, cold mountain air. Only, this winter is warm — uncharacteristically warm. The average temperature has been above freezing for the month of January. That, mixed with our lack of storms, has our snowpack at heartbreakingly low levels. Snowpack isn’t just pretty and fun; it’s essential to recharge our water supplies. We will undoubtedly have less water as the world continues to warm.

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Right now, we have solutions to mitigate the worst impacts of climate change, but first, Utahns must admit there’s a problem. Last year, our state legislature remained in denial over the problem. This year, however, our legislators can go on record stating that climate change is real and caused by humans by passing HCR1, Concurrent Resolution on Global Warming and Climate Change, which is being run by Rep. Raymond Ward, R-Bountiful. Once we acknowledge there is a problem, we can take meaningful action to ensure Utah keeps its winters and snowpack.

Laura Schmidt

Salt Lake City