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Though the average American has a negative opinion of Congress as a whole, Rep. Mia Love’s positive efforts shine above and through to action.

In December, Love led the team to cross the finish line in passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This historic legislation will result in more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks. It also expands the child tax credit and maintained the home mortgage and student loan interest deductions.

The process of passing such a critical bill was extensive. In the original bill, it became clear there was an unfair tax burden placed on specific groups. If a solution wasn’t found, thousands of jobs in Utah would be affected. While hundreds of Congress members and their staff brought their own tweaks and solutions to the bill, Love tirelessly pushed Utah’s solutions through.

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What’s next on the agenda? Immigration reform. Thankfully, Love received a personal invitation from President Trump to be a key part of the group working to solve this issue. Congress has kicked the can to the end of the road, and the American people want action. We need to improve situational awareness and control at the border, reduce immigration backlogs, address the root causes of unlawful immigration and provide a permanent solution for DACA recipients. This is the right way forward. I hope to see it used as the starting point for a final product as it begins to take form.

Krista Simonsen