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Mitt Romney, formerly of Massachusetts, now reportedly with several homes in both California and Utah, is contemplating candidacy for the U.S. Senate as a Utahn. Much is being said about how he will be seen and heard on the national stage and how he will be received in Washington. Not so much is being said about how he will represent the state of Utah — the purpose of the office.

I am of the opinion that Romney covets the seat for the national spotlight and the power and influence over the more mundane work of representing the people of Utah and the state’s needs. Romney has some negative aspects to his yet-to-be-officially-declared candidacy.

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Although he has residence in Utah, it seems as if he only vacations and visits here. He will be 71 years of age when the November election is held, a time when most of us are past our prime. This leads to the question of whether he will be “one and done,” thereby wasting Utah’s influence. His stances on issues in the past appear to vary depending on season and audience; his core beliefs are vacant or suspect.

This “adopt a state for a vacant Senate seat” ploy is not unique; Hillary Clinton did the same in New York in 2001.

David Shorten

American Fork