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Letter to the Editor

The comment made by Lt . Gov. Spencer Cox in the Jan. 28 article "Medicaid expansion likely to make another appearance at Utah Legislature" that the targeted microexpansion passed by our Legislature was "the best we could do under the Democratic administration" was perhaps the most disappointing thing I've ever heard from a Utah politician.

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As an advocate for the failed Healthy Utah plan, I had the opportunity to hear the lieutenant governor speak about it. He knows it was a better plan. He knows it was killed by the partisanship of Utah's Republican Legislature. And he knows that people are suffering because of it. For him to then turn around and blame the Democratic administration is a perfect example of the sort of petty partisanship I thought he was above.

I'm heartbroken to be so let down by someone who had given me hope bipartisanship had a chance through politicians with honesty, integrity and compassion.

Paul Gibbs

West Valley City