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Congrats to Utah House Rep. Becky Edwards, R-North Salt Lake, for her sober and clear view of the climate crisis. Warming is occurring. Our use of fossil fuels, so helpful for so long, is, unfortunately, the primary cause. But, fortunately, alternative energy can take their place.

The solution? We cannot remove the 1.5 trillion tons of carbon dioxide humans have emitted from these fuels. Last year, extreme events caused untold misery in the U.S. and cost us $306 billion, or about $950 per person. These events have increased in frequency and severity.

How do we quicken the transition to alternatives? Economists say, "Put a price on carbon," which makes low-carbon products more economical. The Citizens Climate Lobby adds that we should "rebate those carbon fees to the consumer." Government doesn't keep a dime. Though not a conservative myself, I like this small-government solution.

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Studies show a sharp reduction in emissions over 20 years. Other benefits include hundreds of thousands of lives saved (pollution kills), millions of jobs saved (the rebate acts as a stimulus) and hundreds of billions added to gross domestic product.

Including a border tax on carbon would protect domestic industries and incentivize other countries to "go low" in carbon to avoid the border tax.

It is a beautiful solution to a deadly problem. And it is bipartisan. But, unless you choose national leaders who really do care as much as Ms. Edwards, it hasn't a prayer.

Jan Freed

Los Angeles, California