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Letter to the Editor

The Deseret News editorial attacking "gerrymandering as a relic of a bygone political era" and endorsing the "Better Boundaries" position for an initiative that would allow Utahns to vote on whether an independent commission should be established to draw congressional boundaries is misleading ("Court rulings on gerrymandering could have lasting effects in Utah," Jan. 31).

First, if the commission is truly independent, it would be staffed with citizens who were uninformed, uninterested or just not smart. The truth is that the commission would be staffed with individuals who were active in government, business and education and had strong opinions and a defined agenda. It would be an "independent" commission in name only.

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Second, and more important, this initiative drive would diminish the role of the state Legislature and move state government toward the California system of "citizen propositions/initiatives" that bypass the Legislature. Utah is fortunate to have a dedicated state Legislature that thoughtfully considers public issues. I may not agree with all of the decisions of state legislators, but as a group they are better informed on public issues than the average Utah voter.

Kevin Jones

Salt Lake City