Brian Grim, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, recently wrote an article for examining the benefits of Mormon missionary work.

SALT LAKE CITY — The next time Brian Grim meets Pope Francis, he hopes to ask one question about Mormons.

"How different do you think the world would be if every Catholic young person aspired to serve a two-year mission like Mormon young people do?"

Grim, a member of the Roman Catholic Church and president of Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, recently wrote about some of the benefits of missionary work by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in an article for

While the Catholic Church has its missionary programs, Grim outlined several key points about Mormon missionary work that he thinks make a positive difference, including no paid professional clergy, the sacrifice of mission presidents and the faithful payment of 10 percent tithing by Latter-day Saints.

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"It’s not just the time young adults spend serving a mission and the lives they impact that makes a difference," Grim wrote. "It’s also the years of spiritual, financial, and psychological preparation supported by friends, family and congregations that make a difference. This all adds to the spiritual and temporal strength of the LDS Church itself."

One possible advantage Grim sees for the Catholic Church is that missionary work "is not centralized — not all mission callings need to go through the Vatican."

"That might seem like a disadvantage to many Mormons, but the closer an initiative is to the local beneficiary, the more likely people are to wholeheartedly support it," Grim wrote.

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