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After the Christmas holiday that often brings out the best in us, and the recent “Day of Service” projects to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the recent snowstorm reminded me of some needs that ask for our attention more often than just during a designated celebration.

Thousands of senior citizens across Utah awoke to a sizable amount of snow a couple of weekends ago without an ability to handle the chore of navigating their way out of their homes. The rapidly increasing senior population in our state is presenting a challenge to social service agencies that help seniors, and it’s often difficult for budgets to keep up with needs. Snow shoveling and yard care are just two of the specific needs many seniors have, and luckily, those are fairly basic chores that can be performed by helpful neighbors of all ages, church groups, Scout troops or other service organizations.

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We have “Neighborhood Watch” programs throughout Utah to help protect each other from crime. Would you be willing to be part of a “Senior Watch” that would have people be proactive about searching out the elderly in your neighborhood and doing what we can to make sure their needs are met? Anytime is the right time to start.

Who knows? You might just run into someone with an amazing history that you never knew about as a friendship forms that bridges generations. And if they tell you, “Get off my lawn,” tell them you’d like to help them maintain it.

Jerry Schmidt

Salt Lake City