Google’s new Flights app allows people to see when their flights are delayed using airport listing. And it will display the reason for the delays, which means it could even predict delays.

Google’s Flight app has a new feature that can tell you when you're flight's delayed by using data from airport listings.

The service will also display the reason for the delays, according to Mashable.

Google said it’s using historic flight status data to allow the app to predict potential delays for future flights, too.

Of course, results won’t always be accurate, but Google said it will be right 80 percent of the time, Mashable reported.

Travelers can search for their flights with their flight number or route, and the results will appear.

VentureBeat said travelers should exercise caution when using this new feature.

“Nobody should base their travel decisions on a predicted delay, so really it’s not clear what purpose this feature serves beyond perhaps setting your expectations and saving you from a nasty surprise,” the tech website said.

According to Engadget, Google Flight also helps frugal customers identify low-costing flights for American, Delta and United airlines.

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The flight service app contains information about what flights really cost, including how much baggage fees cost. It will also inform travelers about potential issues with finding luggage space.

“This won't make that ultra-basic flight any more pleasant, but it could help you decide whether or not the savings are really worth the extra hassle,” according to Engadget.

Google Flights first launched in 2011, according to VentureBeat. The app has helped travelers buy tickets, often showing when prices will rise and fall.

VentureBeat compared Google Flights to Hopper, a similar app that helps people find the lowest flight prices.