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Letter to the Editor

The Utah school curriculum should be based on truths, norms, facts and values of what we hold dear in Utah. We need more parental input and involvement to make sure that these are taught in our classrooms.

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Math is very factual, and the only concerns in teaching it are when and what level of math is taught. History is factual, and the events should be given in a historic way, not forgetting patriotism and respect for the leaders of our country. English should teach all students to read well and the proper way to speak and write the language. English and American literature should be a thing of beauty and leave out sordid connotations.

A proposed sexual education bill will again be discussed in this legislative session. It promotes the idea that all kinds of sexual expression should be taught to students. I believe that a health education class should teach about disease prevention and reproduction. Any other type of sexual expression should be taught in a different setting, preferably in the home.

Dorothy Bradford

Taylorsville, Utah