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I am sickened by our national government and many of our elected representatives, including some from Utah, who seem to be punishing 800,000 young people for the choices of their parents. They were brought into our country illegally as children and now their protection has been stripped by the signature of our president. A bill restoring that protection should be written up on one piece of paper — clear, easy to read and understand and with no attachments. This could easily be voted on in one afternoon.

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As for the border wall, our president and many of his supporters are pushing for it to be built on our southern border. I remember hearing the president shouting at the top of his lungs that Mexico would pay for it. That’s fine with me. Again, a bill should be typed on one sheet of paper — simple and easy to understand and with no attachments — making the starting date to build the wall the day that Trump deposits in the bank a check from Mexico for $8 billion. It, too, could be voted on in one afternoon.

If this approach works, Washington might learn that you can’t eat an elephant in one meal, but only one bite at a time. It would also give us, as voters, awareness of our representatives’ true positions on issues, helping make our decisions on election day much easier.

Reinhold Ruegner

Salt Lake City