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Cosmo performed at halftime with Ayo, Teo and the Cougarettes during the BYU basketball game on Jan. 27.

Cosmo, ninjas, Dracula and a family jumping out of a helicopter make this week's UTubers one of our most exciting yet. “The Greatest Showman” remains a hot topic as creators released four more covers this week.

Cosmo, the BYU Cougars' mascot, is going viral again as Ayo and Teo made a special appearance at the BYU basketball game on Saturday to perform their hit song "Rolex" with Cosmo and the Cougarettes.

The BYU Cougarettes actually appear more than once in this week's UTubers as they teamed up with 12-year-old Lyza Bull in a cover of an EFY song called “Anchor of My Soul.” While Bull sings, the Cougarettes perform a beautiful dance routine.

Collaborating with the Cougarettes was a dream come true for Lyza, her mother, Shaundee, wrote in the video’s description. “We hope, through watching this video, you will feel of our love for you and for our Savior,” Shaundee said.

Devin Supertramp has been hanging out with social media sensations, The Bucket List Family, and posted a video this week to tell their story. This couple, both former BYU students, and their two young kids sold everything they owned to “reset on life” and embark on a journey around the world. From Bora Bora to South Africa to Fiji, The Bucket List Family has worked as traveling family journalists for the past two years, posting their adventures on social media.

Ninjas are typically known for their quick and subtle movements but not this one. BYUtv’s “Studio C” shows exactly what not to do as this ninja makes noise and leaves a mess wherever he goes.

An innocent man’s flight is interrupted when an unanticipated guest is moved to the seat next to him in “Studio C”s next video. Though Dracula may be a bit socially awkward, he’s a simple guy who’s from Detroit who just wants a friend.

Ever wondered what’s in a color-changing light bulb? The father and son behind What's Inside cut open a giant bulb to find out where the sensor is and what triggers it. It turns out to be quite a bit more challenging than they thought as they pull out some unexpected tools.

How many dice can you stack without the dice falling? Watch these siblings race against each other to see how many they can stack in a minute — Hungry Hungry Hippos style. In round two, the siblings stack more than just dice. See what happens when blocks, legos, dominoes, caramel candies and even Nerds get involved.

The adventure continues at Zion National Park as Lyceum Philharmonic at American Heritage School teams up with Nathan Pacheco for a cover of “What a Wonderful World.” See breathtaking scenery from the young musicians’ performance during the Lyceum Music Festival 2017.

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As “The Greatest Showman” continues to be successful at the box office, vocal artists continue to cover hit songs from musical. Maddie Wilson released a version of “A Million Dreams.”

One Voice Children’s Choir performs “This is Me” in the circus ring with BEKM and Aeris Aerial. These talented kids not only look the part but leap, spin and twirl, too.

Scott & Ryceejo cover an a cappella version of “Tightrope” as Scott’s sister joins a professional ballroom dancer for an elegant dance in the video.

Idos Media sings "Rewrite the Stars" in a video featuring a couple dancing on the beach at sunset.