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As a Provo resident, I am concerned with what is going on with UTA and the bus rapid transit project in Provo and Orem. Not only is UTA tearing up our streets and turning them into vast concrete slabs, it is also pulling out our trees. Then I read the project is $11 million over budget.

I also read about UTA discounting its passes from $2,400 annually to $20 annually for UVU and BYU students and families.

The question now is who is paying for these huge subsidies going to a church-owned school and a state funded school? Who is making up these cost differences? Any reasonable person can see it’s the Utah taxpayer. And it was done without UTA Board approval.

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It is clear to Provo and Orem residents that after many years of seeing empty buses travel through their cities, UTA can’t afford to have this situation happen with the $180 million BRT project. To hedge against this problem, it had cut a deal with BYU and UVU to allow students and their family to ride for almost free. Sixty thousand students divided by the $200,000 the two schools will pay equals $3.33 per student. How does that work when my son is paying $2,400 for a pass annually?

UTA has big problems, and it continues to operate under the radar. The Legislature needs to stop this outrage.

Steve Clark