A new super-exclusive boat tour takes travelers around the various locations where Harry Potter was filmed in England.

SALT LAKE CITY — Your next vacation may be a cruise around Harry Potter’s wizarding world.

According to Mashable, a new superexclusive boat tour takes travelers around the various locations in England where the Harry Potter film series was filmed.

The Harry Potter river cruise, which is an unofficial seven-night experience put on by The Barge Lady company, will take travelers along the Thames River and will stop at specific filming locations from the Harry Potter films.

The cruise will also take customers on a behind-the-scenes tour of Warner Bros. Studios.

According to Mashable, here’s where the place will stop:

  • Picket Post Close (the location of 4 Privet Drive)
  • Christ Church College at Oxford University (Hogwarts's Great Hall)
  • Virginia Water (where Harry met Buckbeak the hippogriff)
  • The cruise costs about $4,190 per person for a ticket, and it includes meals. Comment on this story

    The boat has a hot tub, dining room and salon. Travelers will receive a flat-screen TV, DVD player and Wi-Fi in their rooms, too, according to Entertainment Weekly.

    Only two trips are available, according to the cruise’s website. They run Aug. 5 and Aug. 19 of this year.

    “So, this sounds very nice and all, but you need to start racking up your galleons as the cruise is not cheap,” according to Complex. “But with all the once-in-a-lifetime tour opportunities, wines and a bevy of fresh meals, can anyone really pass this up?"