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Rep. Mike Winder, R-West Valley City, says hello to Rep. John Curtis, R-Utah, at the Capitol in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018.

SALT LAKE CITY — Rep. John Curtis, R-Utah, offered an upbeat assessment of his first two months in Congress to members of the Utah Senate on Wednesday as the newest member of the state's congressional delegation.

"It's hard to imagine the number of things that have been packed into those two months," Curtis said. "Everything from the intrigue of being invited to fly on Air Force One with the president to the drama of the shutdown."

He told state senators he has already sponsored three bills, including one putting into law the changes to Bears Ears National Monument announced by President Donald Trump in Utah last December.

Curtis also said Congress has been busy, passing more than 400 mostly nonpartisan bills in the past year. He said sometimes people don't talk enough about the good Congress does.

"If you remember nothing else about what I say to you today, I hope you'll remember this: Thank you for your example of good governance," Curtis said, adding there are others in Congress who have served through five government shutdowns.

"If you do the math, that's federal government five, Utah zero," he said.

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Curtis praised state lawmakers for balancing a budget every year and all that's accomplished in a 45-day legislative session.

"Sometimes it might feel like you're not getting things done. But I want you to know, it took us 31 years in the U.S. Congress to actually get tax reform," the congressman said.

Senators had no questions for him.

Curtis was not able to schedule time before the House GOP and Democratic caucuses this trip, according to his spokeswoman, Katie Thompson. This year, House leaders are having members of Congress deliver their annual reports to caucuses.