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The op-ed by Richard Davis on funding K-12 schools in Utah is excellent ("Op-ed: Legislators, fix our woefully underfunded schools," Jan. 16). What he says should be in every voter's memory bank for frequent use prior to and during the upcoming legislative session. The threat of a new political party adds to the pressure already applied by Our Schools Now on legislators to develop an additional reliable and dedicated stream of revenue for woefully underfunded K-12 in Utah.

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Excellence in K-12 education is not just nice for our kids. It's increasingly in the best interests of a country that has long been the world's leader but which is slipping rapidly in esteem among other countries. Approval of America's leadership, according to the results of a Gallup Poll of more than 130 countries, is now at an all-time low of 30 percent, a clear reflection of worldwide distrust of President Trump and of the people who voted him into office. America has the power, yes, but does it have the wisdom?

Another recent publication is Education Week's annual Quality Counts report on America's schools. It reports that not only is there the much-publicized shortage of qualified teachers in all 50 states, but the grades ranking each state are, with few exceptions, abysmal.

Great teachers in great schools is an impossibility without great funding.

Ron Smith

North Logan