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If I were voting today, I would not be voting for Mitt Romney.

I think he is a decent family man, father and husband worthy of respect, but here are my reservations:

Who is he politically?

He is a Northeasterner from a highly populated blue state area with socialist-leaning thinking.

He castigated Donald Trump before the 2016 election. For whom did Romney want us to vote? Hillary Clinton was the only other viable candidate. Voting other than Trump would have been a vote for her. No thanks. Who did Romney vote for?

He criticized Roy Moore without knowing the culture or particulars of the day in that region 30 years ago. My aunt grew up in the South, and they married young. She married at 14½ years old. My mother was 16 years old. Both were successful marriages. If Roy sinned, do we believe in forgiveness? What was the alternative? A Democrat from the swamp?

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I've leaned Republican during my voting life. I'm disgusted with the Democratic Party, which seemingly needs a divided group of people blaming others and calling for more government to win elections.

I'm sick of the Republican hierarchy that speaks with forked tongues, acknowledging what's good and right while being careful to not offend the establishment swamp.

So will Romney side with Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and other conservative patriots, or will he be in John McCain's and Jeff Flake's camp?

Romney, please convince us of your love and allegiance to our Constitution, country, freedom and liberty before declaring devotion to a political party.

Darwin Starks

Leamington, Millard County