Deseret News
Letter to the Editor

Thank you, Sen. Hatch, for your representation of the citizens of Utah. While you were in the Senate, I had the privilege to come to Washington many times while doing business with the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America. We routinely made arrangements to meet with all of our legislators, and on many occasions we would meet with their staff as various members were busy on duties of their office. I can honestly say that you were the most dependable of all to meet and show genuine concern for small-business issues and the communities we represent.

You informed us of the issues of the moment and helped us understand the political process. I have come to know how highly respected you have been by both parties and have respected your work in our behalf. Wishing you the best in the coming years with your family as well as those often-neglected hobbies as you have provided service to the citizens of Utah.

Brett Nilsson