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Melanie Turner, left, and host Drew Carey on a recent episode of "The Price is Right" on CBS.

SALT LAKE CITY — Through the years, grabbing the attention of producers on the CBS show “The Price is Right” has taken many forms. For Syracuse resident Melanie Turner, it was a T-shirt that said, “We are Drew Carey's sister wives from Utah.”

“I really didn’t think that they would go through with it,” she said during a phone interview on Tuesday, speaking of her two accompanying travel buddies. “But then next thing I know … that’s what we were wearing.”

Turner went the distance and won the final Showcase Showdown on the latest “Price is Right” episode, which aired Tuesday morning. She also spun the show’s famous wheel, landing on $1. That spin netted Turner a cool $1,000.

Recorded in October, this was not only Turner’s first “Price is Right” visit but also her first trip to Los Angeles. That partly explains the shirt.

“I’ve been raised in Utah all my life and haven’t really traveled that much outside of Utah,” she said. “I didn’t realize that when you’re outside of Utah, a lot of people ask you if you’re a polygamist.”

In many ways, Turner got more than she bargained for. After placing the winning bid on an air hockey table, she got onstage and lost a trip to Montreal. She thought that was it, but the show had more in store as the producers gave Turner a battery pack and microphone.

“They told me, ‘You have to go spin the wheel,’” she recalled. “And I kept thinking to myself, ‘I just want to be done!’ because it is so nerve-wracking. You (don't) want to make a fool of yourself. But once you’re out there, it’s really fun. And I just had a really good feeling while I was doing the games that I was going to do well.”

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Turner’s Showcase Showdown package included a Honda CRV. In retrospect, Turner said she’s relieved she won the car instead of the Montreal trip. Needless to say, it was all far more than she ever expected. “The Price is Right” first aired on CBS more than 45 years ago, and it’s a show Turner has watched her entire life.

“In fact, I would actually tell my mom sometimes that I was sick so that I could stay home and watch ‘The Price is Right,’” Turner said. “It was 9 o’clock, right before ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and I just liked watching it.”