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Letter to the Editor

With the passage of the GOP tax bill, news headlines trumpeted a “big Republican victory.” And so it is.

But it’s a victory only for the Republican Party, its corporate patrons and the top 1 percent, all of whom benefit in many ways. Most of the tax breaks will go to people who don’t need them, while increasing the national debt by $1.5 trillion. It’s the latter part that’s especially insidious.

Normally, when the economy is doing well, as now, it gives politicians a chance to reduce the national debt. So why are Republicans opting instead to increase it? I believe it fits their long-term agenda of privatizing as many government services as possible. We see it with charter schools, for-profit prisons, military contractors, recently even the internet.

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At some point, Republican politicians will use the ballooning national debt as an excuse to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other programs vital to the well-being of ordinary Americans.

Most Americans understand this. In the five most recent national polls, only 27 percent of respondents, on average, approved of this new tax bill. Yet GOP politicians rammed it through Congress anyway. So much for “representative government.”

The United States is no longer any kind of real democracy but has step-by-step become a neofeudal oligarchy. It will only get worse unless we collectively speak out against the trend.

Tom Huckin

Salt Lake City