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THE BACHELOR - "Episode 2201" - What do a quirky, cute set decorator who has a thing for taxidermy, death and zombies; a Yale graduate with the business acumen to be a big success, but failing grades in love; a rock-climbing nanny who combines youthful exuberance with classic charm; a lovely Latin lady who can spice things up in the romance department; and a former model who harbors a huge secret all have in common? They all have their sights set on making the Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk Jr., their future husband when the much-anticipated 22nd edition of ABC’s hit romance reality series “The Bachelor” premieres, MONDAY, JAN. 1 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Paul Hebert) MARIKH, ARIE LUYENDYK JR.

SALT LAKE CITY Both Utah contestants on “The Bachelor” survived another week, but not before one of them confronted the show's front-runner.

Utah natives Marikh Mathias and Maquel Cooper continued their quest to make bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. fall in love with them on Monday’s episode, surviving a demolition derby race and one-on-one dates.

The episode featured both Mathias and Cooper getting called to the group date, which was called the “Bashelor” demolition derby. All the so-called bachelorettes used spray paint to decorate their cars.

One contestant, Annaliese, although scared to play the game, crashed her car into Mathias' car at one point during the derby. In the end, though, it was 27-year-old Sienne, a commercial real estate manager from California, who won the event.

But Mathias still managed to draw attention to herself about midway through the episode.

During the night of one-on-one dates, bachelorette Chelsea, who won the First Impression Rose last week, stole Luyendyk away from the group for some one-on-one time. Chelsea admitted to Luyendyk that she had a child and had sacrificed a lot to be on the show.

Upon returning to the date, Mathias called out Chelsea, saying everyone gave something up to be on the show.

“I’m going to say something right now that I’m going to take the liberty to say. You are a mom and you did give up so much to come here. But I don’t think there’s a need to discount what everyone else has (given) up,” Mathias said.

Many of the girls nodded their heads in agreement.

Mathias appeared again later in the show during the dating portion of the night. During her one-on-one date with Luyendyk, she asked him, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he responded.

“What color is your underwear?” she asked.


“OK, that’s cute,” she said.

Cooper, who wasn't featured heavily in Monday’s episode, was the first to receive a rose at the end of the night. Mathias also accepted a rose toward the end of the rose ceremony.

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Both Mathias and Cooper will continue on the show for another week.

Last week, Cooper made headlines for driving a race car onto the scene and for stealing a date with Luyendyk before others spoke with him. Cooper received the final rose last week.

Both Utah contestants will have their hands full as the drama heats up between front-runner Krystal, a fitness coach from Montana, who received a rose and a one-on-one date with Luyendyk early in Monday's episode. Krystal constantly interrupted other girls’ dates, showing she’s ahead of the competition.