Mel Evans
In this Oct. 14, 2010 photo, shoppers go into a Goodwill store in Paramus, N.J. During the Great Recession, people made drastic changes in how they spent their money. They stopped treating credit cards as cash. They learned to save and learned to wait. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

SALT LAKE CITY — Goodwill has announced that its first outlet store in Salt Lake City will open on Thursday, Jan. 18. Store hours will be Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The 10,000-square-foot store, 1850 W. 1500 South, is positioned at the front of a 60,000-square-foot Goodwill warehouse facility. The remaining 50,000 square feet houses recycling operations, a e-commerce site and warehouse space.

According to Jason Asher, director of retail product and logistics, a Goodwill outlet store operates very differently from a traditional Goodwill store.

“In an outlet, clothing and other items for sale are placed in large bins and arranged in a large ‘warehouse-like’ area,” he said in a statement. “New bins of merchandise are then rotated onto the sale floor throughout the day. Rather than purchasing individual items, customers buy a majority of items in the outlet by the pound.”

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The outlet’s prices will start at $.39 per pound for books and $1.59 per pound for clothing and other items, with discounted pricing with larger purchases.“

“We’re excited about bringing our first outlet store to Salt Lake City,” Asher said. “People will find an amazing treasure hunt shopping experience at the new Goodwill Outlet. Bargain hunters always can find something special at really great prices.”

Just as in the organization’s traditional Goodwill stores in Millcreek, Murray and Layton, shoppers at the new Goodwill Outlet will be supporting Easter Seals-Goodwill’s mission in Utah.