A new report from 24/7 Wall St. ranked Utah as the second best-run state in the country.

Utah finished behind Minnesota, which rose 10 spots in the last five years to top the rankings.

The Beehive State ranked ahead of Iowa, Oregon and Washington within the top five.

Louisiana finished in the last spot on the list, mostly due to having the third-highest unemployment rate and second-highest poverty rate.

New Mexico, Mississippi, Alabama and Pennsylvania all ranked within the bottom five.

24/7 Wall St. ranked states based on how well they govern themselves without help from the federal government. The rankings reviewed economic factors, budget considerations and social measures

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The rankings praised Utah for having a steady economic growth as its population size jumped by one-third in the last 17 years. The state’s vehicle use remained unchanged despite the increasing population, too.

According to these rankings, Utah had the eighth-lowest unemployment rate in 2016 and the seventh-lowest poverty rate. Conversely, the Beehive State had the 12th-highest pension funded ratio.

Utah ranked third among U.S. News and World Report’s best states for government, trailing only Virginia and Indiana. The report ranked states based on their government administration.

The Beehive State ranked behind Virginia and Indiana, but finished ahead of North Carolina and Wisconsin in the top five.