Brynn Anderson, AP
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, center, looks at election returns with staff during an election-night watch party at the RSA activity center, Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Democrat Doug Jones had a historic night Tuesday, with many polls and projections saying that he won a special election in Alabama to secure the state’s open Senate seat.

Jones preached unity in his victory speech.

"I have always believed that the people of Alabama had more in common than divided us. We have shown not just around the state of Alabama, but we have shown the country the way that we can be unified."

His opponent, Judge Roy Moore, did not concede on Tuesday night, saying his campaign will wait to see the results and determine whether they need a recount.

"We have to wait on God and let this process play out," he said.

But Jones’ projected win inspired a wealth of responses from across social media.

President Donald Trump congratulated Jones but vowed for a Republican comeback.

Attorney General Eric Holder also shared his thoughts.

Congressional leaders, including Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, shared their thoughts on social media.
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Public figures, including former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton and 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, shared their thoughts as well on the historic victory.

Celebrities responded to the news, too.

Utah State Sen. Jim Dabakis also cheered for Jones.

Inconsistent poll results showed a narrow margin between the two candidates. Both candidates received help from their respective parties to try and squeak out the win. Trump robocalled for Moore, while former President Barack Obama did the same for Jones.