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A Bountiful man was charged Monday with kidnapping a 3-year-old neighbor girl and sexually assaulting her.

BOUNTIFUL — A Bountiful man was charged Monday with kidnapping a toddler in his neighborhood and sexually abusing her.

Kyle Curtis Jones, 22, is charged in 2nd District Court with child kidnapping and aggravated sexual abuse of a child, both first-degree felonies.

On Nov. 12, a mother reported to police that her young daughter was missing. But before officers arrived on scene, the girl was spotted walking toward her home with Jones, according to charging documents.

"The child told her mother that the defendant had taken her into his basement apartment to show her his trains. The defendant then put her on a bed, pulled her pants down," and sexually abused her, the charges state. "The child also told her mother that the defendant said 'sorry.'"

Jones told police that he found the girl playing on a trampoline in his backyard and took her inside his apartment to look at his trains, the charges state.

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"When asked what happened after he showed her the trains, the defendant said that he did not want to answer any more questions," according to the charges.

The girl originally told her mother, however, that she was in her own yard. "The child told her (mother) she was playing in the front yard of their house when Kyle approached her and asked her if he could show her something," a search warrant affidavit unsealed Monday states.

Jones' parents told police he "has been diagnosed with developmental delays and autism," the charges state.