Caleb Johnson, of Lindon, was critically injured in an accident that took the lives of his parents 17 years ago. He and his siblings recently took to Facebook to find the nurse that saved his life.

LINDON — It's been 17 years since Caleb Johnson was critically injured in a crash that took the lives of his mother and father.

And Johnson's goal for this holiday season, he said, was to thank the nurse who saved his life.

Now a high school senior, Johnson said he was in desperate need of medication through an IV following a Nov. 22, 2000, crash in McKinney, Texas, that ultimately left him with a traumatic brain injury.

“My veins had collapsed,” the Lindon teen recalled, noting that he was a year old at the time. “That nurse had to inject a needle into the bone marrow of my ankle.”

Seventeen years later, Johnson decided it was time to thank that nurse. His four siblings — who were also injured in the crash — created a the Caleb Electric Brain Facebook page in hopes of finding the nurse.

By late Tuesday night, the post had collected 7.9 million views and more than 286,000 shares. But with the numerous tips the family received came some sad news.

“We found out she passed away of cancer a few years ago,” Kirsten Johnson Moody, Johnson's sister, said of the nurse.

The Johnsons said they are now hoping to make contact with the woman’s family and express their gratitude to them.

“We really want to see these people again and thank them,” Moody said.

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Johnson said his experiences have taught him what a precious gift life is.

The siblings also expressed their deep gratitude and love for their aunt and uncle, Marcia and Lane Johnson, for raising them.

Though the holiday season has been a somber time for them, the Johnsons said they have learned to appreciate it for what it is.

“It was just kind of a reminder that things are different,” said Clint Johnson, Caleb’s brother. “It’s OK that things are different. It’s not reasonable to expect things are going to be the same as they were.”