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Hunter Woodson

FARMINGTON — A 17-year-old Layton boy accused of shooting and killing a man in the victim's bedroom — allegedly over a low-level drug deal — was charged as an adult Tuesday with murder.

Seth Carreras is charged with the first-degree felony in 2nd District Court.

On Nov. 21, police say Carreras tried to purchase marijuana from Hunter Woodson, 19.

"The victim sold the defendant spices in lieu of the marijuana. The defendant then shot the victim multiple times with a 9 mm handgun, causing his death," according to charging documents.

Friends on Facebook said Woodson was shot while on his bed, in his own room in Sunset.

"All over an ounce bro," one man posted on Facebook. "$120 over a life.…"

Detectives arrested Carreras a short time later at his home in Layton.

Woodson attended Northridge High School but spent his junior year at West Lake High School in Saratoga Springs.

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"You could usually find Hunter with his shaggy hair and charismatic smile doing what he loved more than anything else, eating. He had a big heart, always helping others. After hitting a rough patch, Hunter was getting his life turned around and was preparing for college and looking forward to the future," his obituary states.

Woodson's family has set up a GoFundMe page.

"Hunter just turned 19 on Nov. 6. He loved MMA and his family. He was a strong kid with a big heart. His death is a shock to all who knew him. Hunter's life was cut short Nov. 21 when he was shot in his own home," Richard Woodson, an uncle, wrote on the page.

Woodson's funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Roy. An initial court appearance for Carreras is scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.