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Whitney Butters Wilde
Lucky Slice in Ogden serves pizza by the slice or as whole pizzas.

OGDEN — The slogan above the door at Lucky Slice in Ogden says a lot in three words: “Peace. Love. Pizza.”

It’s a fitting tagline for a restaurant that maintains a hipster vibe in its decor — exposed brick, distressed wood, black paint and handwritten signage — and menu — with clever combinations like Flower Child and vegan offerings. The company even has a food truck, a trendy aspect in the current food industry.

The pizzeria, located on Historic 25th Street in downtown Ogden, first opened its doors in 2012, according to an article from The Herald Journal, offering New York-style pizza with the promise that its ingredients are “all killer, no filler.”

The menu is divided into two categories: Almost Famous Pizza and Already Famous Pizza. Almost Famous Pizzas include more unique combos like potato pesto and the Spartiken with herb sauce, mozzarella, roasted chicken, artichokes, spinach, feta and tomatoes, while Already Famous Pizzas include standards such as Lucky 7, a basic combination pizza and barbecue chicken.

Elise Madsen
Lucky Slice is awarded 4 out of 6 slices.

One of Lucky Slice’s main selling points is its by-the-slice options, making it an ideal eatery for groups looking to pay their own way or for families wanting to please everyone. But for anyone wanting to order a larger quantity, pizzas are also available in 14-inch and 20-inch sizes.

The cashier indicated that the Marghie and the Carnivore are some of the restaurant’s top-sellers, so I ordered a slice of each, as well as a slice of classic pepperoni.

The Marghie is one of the Almost Famous Pizzas and includes red sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, fresh basil and balsamic reduction, and the Carnivore — red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, “’Merican bacon” as the menu calls it — and pepperoni are considered Already Famous Pizzas.

All three of the pizzas had the same base — red sauce, mozzarella and thin, pliable crust — but the other toppings made for three distinct pizzas. While both the Carnivore and pepperoni were successful straightforward takes on classic pizzas, the Marghie — Lucky Slice’s version of a Margherita pizza — was more haphazard. It seemed more like a pizza that wanted to be fancy but didn’t quite get there. Something about the combination of the roasted red peppers, the sauce and the balsamic reduction ended up making the pizza taste like Spaghettios, and overall, it could have benefited from the added freshness of more evenly dispersed basil.

It’s a casual atmosphere at Lucky Slice that may border on too casual. Diners order their food at the front counter, select a place to eat from the store’s limited seating and then the pizza is brought to you. Two of my slices were delivered to my table within a minute, but the third — pepperoni, a flavor one would think would be readily on hand when purchasing by the slice — still hadn’t arrived almost 15 minutes after the first slices were delivered.

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The service error may have been a fluke, but it wasn’t until several minutes after I went and asked the employee behind the counter where my other slice was that it finally made its way to my table. The employees just didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry, which may come back to the relaxed vibe of the restaurant’s slogan.

Locations: 200 25th St., Ogden; 1246 Legend Hills Drive, Clearfield; 64 Federal Ave, Logan; 6965 E. Powder Mountain Road, Eden

Price: $2.89-$3.39 per slice, $9.99-$14.39 for a 14-inch pizza and $14.99-$21.99 for a 20-inch pizza

Slice score: 4 out of 6