Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Paige Featherston and Jenna Burrahm talk as they spend time at the Swig soda shop in Draper on May 20, 2016.

SALT LAKE CITY — Dueling Utah soda companies Swig and Sodalicious have settled the drawn out trademark lawsuit between them.

In an agreement filed Wednesday, the companies settled all claims between them and will pay their own attorneys fees, closing the case that has been dragging through federal court since April 2015 and was set to go to trial this week.

The trademark lawsuit filed by St. George-based Swig Holdings LLC accused Provo's Sodalicious Inc. — and later its five co-owners as individual defendants — of profiting from "a near exact knockoff" of its popular drink destination, which offers sodas made "dirty" with flavor shots and add-ins.

Sodalicious fired back, filing a counterclaim demanding that Swig abandon its "dirty soda" trademark, which it has held since September 2014.

News of the lawsuit sparked a social media war as customers aligned themselves as either #TeamSwig or #TeamSodalicious. The hashtags still pop up occasionally on social media.

Tessa Meyer Santiago, who represented Sodalicious and its owners in the case, called the agreement "mutually beneficial for both parties."

"There is room in the market for both companies to expand and to grow," Meyer Santiago said.

Attorneys for Swig Holdings didn't immediately return calls for comment Wednesday.

With the costly lawsuit behind them, Meyer Santiago said Sodalicious' owners are excited to move forward with their business.

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"They're excited to not have to deal with the constant threat of litigation and what's next and what does this mean," she said. "They can just focus and concentrate on growing their brand and expanding their brand and offering the great product that they do."

Meyer Santiago declined to specify just how much the court battle ultimately cost her clients, but said the financial burden had kept the company from growing.

The terms of the settlement required each side to bear its own costs "except as agreed by the parties" but didn't go into specifics.

Sodalicious has 14 shops in Utah and another four in Arizona, according to its website. Swig's website lists 16 locations in Utah and one in Arizona.