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FILE - A man accused of killing or abusing three dogs and a cat in his house has been charged with felony animal abuse.

SALT LAKE CITY — A man convicted of killing his cat was sentenced to jail for a week.

Tyler Anthony Strickland, 20, of Taylorsville, was convicted in September of aggravated cruelty to animals, a class A misdemeanor. On Friday, he was sentenced to one week in jail, with credit for the one day he has already served, and placed on 36 months of probation.

Some of the conditions of Strickland's probation include completing a mental health evaluation, submitting to random drug testing, and staying away from drugs, specifically "spice, ivory wave or items of (that) nature," according to court documents.

In May, Strickland strangled his cat, Garfield, according to charging documents, before checking himself to the University Neuropsychiatric Unit and "also admitted that he strangled his two other cats within the last six months."

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Detectives who searched Strickland's home found Garfield's body wrapped in a blanket in a box. At the time, Strickland lived in an apartment with his girlfriend. Police said at the time of the arrest that Garfield was a stray Strickland had found and given to his girlfriend as a gift. Detectives also learned that in December, Strickland brought another stray cat home for his girlfriend. But after a few days, she started smelling a foul odor in the apartment and found the cat's body.

The girlfriend told police at the time of his arrest that she did not want to press charges against Strickland but rather wanted him to get help.

Strickland's attorney, Greg Skordas, said after he was charged, Strickland "underwent a full psychological evaluation and is actively involved in treatment. He has been extremely remorseful and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that this doesn't happen again."