Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham, shown here on the sidelines during game against BYU in Provo this season, is not happy with the Utes' lack of production in the red zone.

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah coach Kyle Whittingham has been blue about the red zone, has been for quite some time as a matter of fact. The Utes have scored touchdowns on just 18 of 39 trips this season.

Reaching the end zone just 46 percent of the time after entering the red zone isn’t sitting well with the boss. He acknowledged it's been an ongoing concern.

"It seems like an eternity going back to last year. We just have to make plays down there and as coaches put our players in better positions to make plays,” Whittingham said. “It is driving me nuts and it has been driving me nuts for quite some time. It has not been rectified.”

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Whittingham noted the Utes were just 1-for-4 in opportunities to cross the goal line from the red zone in last week’s 41-20 loss at Oregon.

“All that matters are touchdowns; I've said that many times. Field goals are a loss because that means you got stopped,” Whittingham said. “If you get a field goal in the red zone that means they stopped you and that's a loss. That has been an overriding factor dating back to last season and into this season.”

Utah enters Friday's game against UCLA having scored on 33 of 39 opportunities from the red zone; 15 have been field goals by Matt Gay.