Unified Police Department

MIDVALE — Unified police are searching for a woman who stole a credit card from a store clerk while he was having a seizure.

On Oct. 4, a store clerk went into a seizure at a 7-Eleven at 6852 S. State, Unified police detecitve Ken Hansen said. He was lying on the ground when a woman walked around the counter to him. Instead of helping him, she takes the clerk's wallet from his pocket, according to Unified police.

In a surveillance video released Friday by police, she rifles through the wallet for a few seconds, pulling out cards and checking for cash. After glancing around, she tucks one card under her arm and puts the wallet down.

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She then steps over the legs of the fallen clerk and leaves. The stolen credit card was used for an online purchase shortly after, Hansen said.

The woman has long dark hair and was wearing a dark-colored shirt, light shorts and sandals in the video. Hansen added she also has a tattoo on her right arm.

The clerk and other store workers a told police the woman is a regular customer, but they haven't seen her since the incident.

Unified police asked the public to call (801) 743-7000 with have any information to help identify the woman.