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The Cauldryn Frye Mobile has four heat settings.

As with fashions, outdoor industry gear goes through cycles. Much of what was debuted at the 2017 Outdoor Retailer Show, while well-crafted, was regurgitated product. Amidst the endless supply of phone cases and sunglasses were some great innovative products that made my Best of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market list.

AdventureUltra by myCharge — In a world run by electronics, portable power is one of the greatest needs but hard to come by in a device that does more than recharge your phone. The Adventure series by myCharge not only is designed to have the most power but to be the most lightweight and portable.

The AdventureUltra by myCharge was one of the items featured at the Outdoor Retailers Summer Market 2017.

The AdventureUltra is the largest portable power pack with the highest power output. Weighing just over one pound and small enough to fit in your back pocket (1.2x5.8x4.1 inches), the AdventureUltra has been designed to maximize power output of 45 watts enough to run a 42-inch television for up to three hours.

The AdventureUltra is also built to be durable along with its max power. The insulated exterior protects the battery from extreme heat or cold and is able to take a fall of three meters or less.

Now available at www.mycharge.com and Best Buy stores, the AdventureUltra can be purchased for $129.99.

Cauldryn — The outdoor adventurer who enjoys hot drink or needs hot water while being on the go or away from civilization needs Cauldryn.

The Cauldryn Frye Mobile has four heat settings.

A first of its kind bottle that fits in the cup holder of your car, it can boil water or keep water at a specified temperature all day through the use of battery power.

The modular design allows the Cauldryn to not only be portable but functional. For the outdoor enthusiast who has trouble finding power or cannot burn a fire, the Cauldryn is the future of water bottles.

A heating element called The Frye is attached to the bottle and has four different heat settings: hot, extra hot, brew and boil, allowing the contents in the Cauldryn to reach up to 212 degrees. The Frye heating element can also be plugged in using the included AC base for unlimited use in any of the four settings.

The Cauldryn comes in two different models, but each offer the same 16-ounce capacity. Both models of the Cauldryn, Fyre and the Cauldryn Fyre Mobile (includes a portable rechargeable battery) feature stainless steel and are vacuum insulated.

They are not available for purchase yet, but you can preorder on Indiegogo.

Dometic — Think about the last time you were on a long cross-country road trip or camping for a week and you had a craving for ice cream. For many of us that have experienced this conundrum with no solution, that will no longer be an issue thanks to Dometic and its CFX Portable Refrigerator/Freezer.

Here's the Dometic CFX-100W.

The Wi-Fi-enabled CFX-100W is the largest in the CFX line and a smart solution to eliminating the need for constant ice chest coolers that just get everything wet and soggy.

In the shape of a traditional cooler, each product in the CFX Dometic line can freeze the contents down to -7 degrees Fahrenheit.

lumidAID 2-in-1 phone charger — Phone chargers are a dime a dozen at the Outdoor Retailer Show, so why is the luminAID being featured in the “Best Of” list? Not only is the luminAID a phone charger but it’s actually a high-performing solar-powered lantern.

Tyler Tate
The luminAID was one of the items featured at the Outdoor Retailers Summer Market 2017.

After raising over $250,000 on Kickstarter, the luminAID filled the need for off-grid power.

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Also, under its Give Light, Get Light program, every light bought meant that a light was distributed to a community in need. With the aid of its backers and partners, luminAID has distributed over 40,000 lanterns around the world.

Aukan by Rokum Outdoor — When you go camping, an air mattress is always a luxury that can go a long way for a great night of rest. Until now, the sleeping bag and air mattress were separate items and often were difficult to pack up.

Tyler Tate
The Rokum Outdoor was one of the items featured at the Outdoor Retailers Summer Market 2017.

The Aukan by Rokum Outdoor is a sleeping bag and air mattress in one. After taking a brief mid-show nap on the Aukan, I can tell you that all you need for a great night's sleep is the Aukan and Mother Nature.